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As a business owner who has ensured all angles are covered day to day to protect and build their company, nothing can prepare you for the shock of a fire or flood affecting it. The after-effects expand to much more than just a damaged property or loss and damage to stock.

As Europe's largest Loss Assessor, we have been handling Business claims for eight generations and provide a professional service. We have staff members who have worked in both sides of the industry, so have a good understanding of how a loss adjuster works.

Commercial insurance claims and their policies are usually complex. They are a lot more complicated than simply reading through the terms and conditions of a claim form, and they can take up a lot of your time. Time that is better spent working on your business.

We are multi-award winning Loss Assessors who are nationwide, covering the whole of the UK. We can help by managing your business insurance claim and recovering your business after a major event to pre-loss circumstances.

A Fire or Flood can cause major disruption to trading, not only physical damage to your stock and premises but also financial losses due to business interruption . The process is more in-depth than is more to an insurance claim than reading the terms and conditions of a claim form.

We understand that you will want to return to the status quo as quickly as possible and that lost trading means loss of income in the long term as customers may start to go elsewhere. Although insurance claims vary depending on each situation, unfortunately, Insurance Companies do not share the same urgency to settle a claim.

We will inject some energy and enthusiasm into the claim process to get you back on track quickly. Oakleafe Claims Wales will also ensure you receive your full entitlement under your policy and deal with everything - all Meetings, Investigations, Forensic science attendances, negotiations, quantification, and obtaining interim Payments.


Helping your business get back on track


Business Interruption will assist with elements such as loss of profit, loss of rental and additional staff costs.

Fire & Smoke

Dealing with the repercussions of a fire or smoke damage in your home can be devastating.


Storms and the resultant damage can have a significant impact on your home. You may well need some alternative accommodation it the damage is structural.


Flooding and Escapes of Water include burst pipes, sewage ingression from drainage and rivers bursting their banks.


Anyone who has experienced Burglary in a business will tell you it’s not just the cost of the stolen items that you incur as a loss but the inability to operate which has the most impact.


Impact damage can cause significant disruption to your business. The consequences to a property can be dramatic and the damage extensive.

Helping Your Business Recover

You may not be surprised that when you make a claim your Insurance company is less than enthusiastic and does not respond with the same enthusiasm in which they took your premiums. It is in the Insurers' Interest to slow the process to strangle your business financially so that you may accept a more economical settlement.

They may even try to repudiate or refuse to pay the claim in the first instance. All the entities that attend to your claim from Insurers are on your side and are there to support their efforts to reduce or not pay the claim.

You are legally allowed to use Oakleafe Claims Wales, a Loss Assessor, to prepare, present & negotiate your claim. We give you the professionals that insurers rely on to challenge your claim but we are on YOUR SIDE. The advantage of having us represent you is that we will ensure you get your full entitlement & let YOU control your own claim, not your Insurance Company. It is in everyone's interest to get you trading as pre-loss as quickly as possible and this is our primary objective.


How Can We Help You?



Find alternative temporary commercial accommodation and equipment.

Arrange estimates, valuations and accurately quantify the full extent of your claim.

Negotiate interim payments.

Deal with your Insurance Company and their Loss Adjuster, Investigator, Broker, Surveyor, Contractors, Solicitors, etc.

Calculate accurately your Business Interruption claim, including Loss of Profits and Increased Cost of Working.

Negotiate emergency funding to cover items such as staff wages.

Compile and present the claim to insurers.

Have you suffered loss or sustained damage as a result of negligence by a third party?

Insurance claims are complicated and you will need an expert on your side.