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Case Studies

the incident

This long standing Essex family business had just refurbished an industrial unit they own for new tenants who were due to move in the following week when they suffered a break in. The intruders systematically stripped the property of all wiring and copper pipework leaving the premises to flood.

"There is nothing more soul destroying than to see your family’s legacy be completely obliterated in that way. This was meant to be an income for my grandchildren. As a result I’ve lost the tenants as well as being left with an unusable shell."

"I contacted my broker who contacted insurers. The loss adjuster seemed very nice on the day but I was shocked when he sent me an email to offer 25K – 90% less than what it actually cost me to do in the first place. They relied on a ‘betterment’ clause. I realised I needed help"

"I asked around and Oakleafe Claims were very highly recommended to me. Not only did they attend the very same day I called them but i felt extremely reassured they were not going to allow insurers to get away with what I can only describe as derogatory and disappointing offer."

How Oakleafe Claims Handled:
  • Engaged Quantity surveyors to quantify the true loss to current building reg’s

  • Calculated the loss of revenue as a result of the tenants failure to occupy

  • Reviewed the policy and overturned the betterment issue

  • Engaged approved contractors to repair the property for reuse

The Final Result:

“What more do I need to say. Not only did I get the full cost back of what it would cost to put back but Oakleafe got me all the rent that I would have had if the tenant had moved in originally. They overcome the betterment issue as well and I must say I’m delighted. They are worth every penny.”

the incident

Mr Yusuf suffered a flood at one of his branches in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. The water was as a result of flash flooding and was over a meter high at its highest point. Most of the food stock and contents were severely damaged as was the floor & wall finishes, refrigeration display units and freezers.

"Oakleafe were proactive on the ground at the time of the incident and were a welcome help in difficult circumstances. They took complete control of the situation engaging decontamination and drying experts within 4 hours to mitigate the  damage then liaising with insurers by handling all the meetings and paperwork."

How Oakleafe Claims Handled:
  • Engage rapid response specialist contractors to dry and clean the supermarket

  • Handle the insurance company from the start – all meetings and negotiations

  • Listed and collated all stock & Material losses

  • Appointed a chartered surveyor to quantify building works

  • Calculated the Business interruption and increased costs of working for reimbursement

  • Ensured Mr Yusuf received his full entitlement

The Final Result:

"Once the flood waters had subsided the damage was not as visible as it once was and the insurance man offered us just under 5k for a quick settlement. This was clearly unacceptable to us. Oakleafe were meticulous in quantifying the true loss and when presented the insurance company agreed. I have to say we were extremely pleased by the size of the settlement which was nearly 20 times that which had been offered originally. We wouldn’t have known any different and it would have finished our business."

"We owe our commercial life to Oakleafe. I would never have got what they did for me. The original offer from Insurers would have sent us bust and my family and I are truly grateful for their resilience in getting exactly what we were entitled to. I recommend them highly and continue to refer other businesses who find themselves in these situations."

the incident

This family Bangladeshi restaurant suffered a fire as a result of a water leak into the meter and mains cables. The resultant electrical sparks set a fire to the
surrounding materials. The restaurant suffered severe heat and smoke damage leaving it unsafe for use.

"Oakleafe came to my restaurant when I was in tears. I was so proud as we had just had it renovated and was preparing for Eid which is one of our busiest times of the year. The fire could not have come at a worse time. My entire family’s life savings are invested in the business and I was extremely distraught. Once Oakleafe explained how they could help me I signed with them and it was the best decision I have ever made"

How Oakleafe Claims Handled:
  • Contacted insurers and met with their adjuster

  • Handled all meetings and communications

  • Liaised with Landlords insurers

  • Engaged specialist decontamination contractors to clean the property

  • Appointed Chartered surveyors to prepare a reinstatement scope

  • Oversaw repairs to the property

  • Replaced all equipment and machinery

  • Calculated Business Interruption (BI) & ICOW for insurers to reimburse loss of income

  • Prepared and presented a thorough claim file

The Final Result:

"Thanks to the abilities of Oakleafe my restaurant was back to brand new in a few months. I received back all the money I had lost in takings and the out of pocket expenses I suffered after the fire happened. All my stock was replaced but he best bit is I now have the very latest kitchen equipment available that makes us produce much more food and quicker – we are even more profitable than before. I wouldn’t have known where to start."

the incident

Mr Chow’s restaurant was gutted by a blaze that started from a faulty electrical appliance. The insurer’s forensic team went in to look for any indication that the insurance company could repudiate (kick out the claim) on a technicality relating to a warranty on the policy. We successfully argued against this element and got the claim paid.

"I started to handle the claim by myself as the Insurance companies representatives were quite friendly. I realised probably too late that the friendliness was just smoke and mirrors. When I received the letter stating they were not going to pay my claim I was horrified. Oakleafe had helped one of my friends that had a claim previously and were recommended to me."

How Oakleafe Claims Handled:
  • Engaged an independent forensic team to analyse the faulty article

  • Prepared and presented a new claim format to insurers

  • Handled all communications, meetings and negotiations

  • Insurers accepted the claim

  • Client received his full entitlement

The Final Result:

"Oakleafe are worth every penny. There is absolutely no way in the world I would have got my claim paid without them. My life had been turned upside down and I trusted insurers to help me when I was at my most vulnerable. I should have got them in from the start but I wasn’t aware that all these people the insurers appointed were not there to help me. All that time they were looking for a way to not pay my claim. Oakleafe were the only people on my side all the way through the entire process, never took a penny until they got me some money and most importantly took all the stress away from my family."

the incident

Following a major fire in an adjacent building the newly formed Bucks Star Eco Brewery thought that years of planning and investment had come to an untimely end after the neighbouring fire had spread to their own building. An Eco project that had attracted European investment only 8 months earlier was faced with an exodus of customers and destruction of specialised equipment that was diffcult to replace. Datis the proprietor who had heavily invested in the project and taken extensive training to become a master brewer feared the worst.

“Without Oakleafe and their expertise on business survival and without their experiences there is no way I could deal with this aspect of my claim alone. They kept me focused on protecting my customers whilst they dealt with suppliers and the insurance company”

Datis was previously a financial contract lawyer and believed he had a reasonable skills in negotiating the business interruption aspects of the claim, especially as he had a background in contract finance, he had this to say.

“I consider myself to be pretty well versed in contract small print, what I didn’t understand was that insurance is a whole new ball game, I am speechless to explain how much I didn’t know after Oakleafe steered me and my business through the complex wording of a business interruption claim. Without them I’m shy to say
my business would have sunk out of sight.”

How Oakleafe Claims Handled:

“It’s a disaster, I’m heartbroken to think that I had achieved so much in such a short time, even creating an award winning beer from rare hops I’m faced with starting all over again” .

Quickly understanding his ethos to Eco brewing we were able to advise accordingly to his insurance position. We were able to quickly quantify the loss of plant
and machinery and resource replacements equipment from the original installers.

The Final Result:

“I consider myself to be pretty well versed in contract small print, what I didn’t understand was that insurance is a whole new ball game, I am speechless to explain how much I didn’t know after Oakleafe steered me and my business through the complex wording of a business interruption claim. Without them I’m shy to say my business would have sunk out of sight.”



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